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The Process of Car Accident Claims and Settlements

If you have been involved in a car accident resulting in damage to your vehicle or physical injuries, you will most likely file a claim with the insurer of the party at fault (with some exceptions). Only a tiny percentage of car accident cases go to trial, since they are typically settled among the insurance companies first. This blog focuses on car accident claims and settlements, including a basic overview of the claims process in general. Articles in this section cover such topics as pain and suffering damages, the accuracy of online car accident settlement calculators, and whether an uninsured driver can sue an insured driver who is at fault for an accident.

The Basics of Car Accident Settlements

It's very uncommon for injury or vehicle damage claims following a car accident to be heard in a trial; these typically are resolved by the insurance companies. And even if a claim is filed against an individual (not the insurer), it's most likely going to be settled without a trial. Therefore, it's important to have a general understanding of how car accidents claims and settlements typically are resolved.

A settlement is a compromise among the parties involved in a dispute, typically negotiated by attorneys. Once the settlement is finalized, the details of the case are kept confidential and neither party admits wrongdoing.

Demand Letters

In the event that you're not satisfied with the estimates provided by the opposing party's insurer, you may write what is called a "demand letter." This explains your damage and injuries resulting from the accident in more detail, along with a request for a different monetary amount. The parties involved will review the demand letter and then will move to the settlement negotiation phase, which often requires much back and forth before a resolution is reached.

Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution

If there are disagreements or firm differences that prevent a satisfactory settlement agreement, you can always seek mediation by a disinterested party. While mediators are licensed attorneys, their decisions are generally non-binding and meant to provide guidance to both parties. Failing a resolution, however, the case may proceed to trial. But keep in mind that a settlement may be reached at any time before the trial is closed for deliberation.

Car Accident Insurance Claims at a Glance

When you are involved in an accident, it always helps to get a police report in order to have an official record of what happened and who is likely at fault. While there is no exact, universal time frame for how long you have to report an accident after it occurs, you're better off doing it as soon as possible. If it's the other motorist's fault, make sure you call their insurer the same day or soon thereafter (and always get this information from the other party at the scene of the accident).

While it's natural for there to be "two sides" to the story, make sure you're being as honest and accurate as possible. If you are caught lying about important details of the accident or damages, it will jeopardize your ability to collect.

In addition to taking detailed notes about your injuries at the scene of the accident (or shortly thereafter), you also should keep ongoing notes of any injuries that show up later, such whiplash or concussion.

Different Car Accident Claims and Settlements

  • Car Accident Pain and Suffering Damages

How to identify and calculate pain and suffering damages related to car accident injuries, such as the suffering caused by disfigurement, spinal injury, or other trauma resulting from the accident. Unless you are hospitalized, seek a trusted and experience attorney when you are physically capable. Otherwise, you want to contact a trusted and experienced attorney who works with top doctors who can document and assess the proper diagnosis and treatment needed.

Car Insurance Claims Do's and Don'ts

Sound advice for what you should and should not do with respect to car insurance claims, such as the importance of taking notes and the dangers of signing waivers or admitting fault. Contact a trusted and experienced attorney – most times these services will be included for you.

Uninsured Drivers and Accident Claims

Information about whether an uninsured motorist can file a claim against an insured driver after a car accident, including the possible consequences and alternatives to filing a claim. Contact a trusted and experienced attorney – most times these services will be included for you.

Car Accident Whiplash Settlement Process

What you need to know about the process for settling a claim related to whiplash from a car accident, including information about the challenges of injuries taking time to manifest. Contact a trusted and experienced attorney who can use their medical staff to correctly assess a diagnosis and treatment for you.

The Accuracy of Car Accident Settlement Calculators

A brief analysis into the accuracy and reliability of car accident settlement calculators commonly found online, with an explanation of just how these estimates are calculated. Contact a trusted and experienced attorney – most times these services will be included for you.

Car Accident Settlement Basics

Overview of the ins and outs of settling a car accident claim, beginning with the legal meaning of "settlement," plus information about demand letters and how settlements are negotiated. Contact a trusted and experienced attorney – most times these services will be included for you.

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